The Break Bulk / General Cargo (MPV) Service offers regular monthly departures from North & Central America, Northern Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean coast to West African Ports, supported by a modern fleet of Class A vessels. Our experienced Port Captains team attends and supervises all loading and discharge operations to ensure quality standards and KPI´s are met.


Here you can see the zones where we can collect this kind of cargo.

These are the main features of our Break Bulk / General Cargo Service:

  • Monthly Departures.
  • Loading and unloading processes under highly professional supervision.
  • Cargo loading guarantee.
  • We offer first-class 24/7 customer service to all our clients.

The Ships

The fleet used to deliver our services is partly owned by our group companies or shared with agreements with our partners. Our secret ingredients to deliver a high level of service are the mechanical excellence of our ships and, specially, the skills and competences of the crews operating them. This is an aspect that we take very seriously and that guides us in the continued education programs taking place.

HR RECOGNITION (Click for vessel details)

IMO NR: 9277280
LOA: 134,53 m
BEAM: 21,50 m
DWT: 7,96 m
CRANES: 2 x 250
BALE (cbm): 14.950
BALE (cbft): 527,994

VECTIS PRIDE (Click for vessel details)

IMO NR: 9626132
LOA: 123,95 m
BEAM: 20,00 m
DWT: 8,00 m
CRANES: 2 x 80
BALE CBM (cbm): 12655
BALE CBFT (cbft):

Photo: Wil Weijsters

MV MARTIN (Click for vessel details)

IMO NR: 9534444
LOA: 116,26 m
BEAM: 17,80 m
DWT: 7,81 m
CRANES: 2 x 80
BALE CBM (cbm): 11.581 cbm
BALE CBFT (cbft): 438.608 cbft

Photo: Juergen Braker