Ocean Freight

Full expertise & knowledge of the shipping/maritime industry

Imagesa is operating as SHIPPING AGENT for all over Equatorial Guinea, including Annobon and Corisco Islands providing a customized service to our clients and attending an average of 120 vessels per year.

We provide first-class agency services to the vessels and crew with which we operate thanks to our experience, knowledge and the help of strict quality control procedures and non-stop learning processes for our staff. We offer a real 24/7 service to customers, ships and crews.

A full range of maritime services

Our company offers a wide range of shipping services. If you desire further information about one them, please, click on the corresponding link.


This is the most used and versatile means of maritime and combined transportation mechanism. Our container service provides:

  • Weekly International Departures.
  • Weekly arrivals in EG (Bata/Malabo).
  • We provide the shortest transit time in the market.
  • One transshipment in Algeciras (Spain).
  • We ensure that your cargo is onboard.
  • We provide first class customer support 24/7 to all our clients.

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The RORO line offers a four twin ships service (MAESTRO SHIPS) with regular departures every 12 days from Mediterranean loading ports and with a transit time of about 20 days to West African ports. In that service, every kind of wheeled and tracked cargo can be transported as wheeled and tracked construction machinery, big mobile gears, trucks, tractors, vans, cars, trailers, 4x4 and other mobile units of every type.
This service is highly professionalized giving the security to our clients that unities will be transported in perfect working conditions.
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Break Bulk / General Cargo

The General Cargo service in conventional or MPV offers regular monthly departures from the entire Mediterranean. It enjoys the support of a modern ships fleet of A class, highly specialized in project cargo.
All our ships have offer gears and their own elevation machinery to ensure loading of heavy cargo units but also the most complete additional equipment as spreaders, lashing material, etc. Normal cargos for this service can be project cargo parts with metallic structures, bags of cement, steel edge rods, heavy transformers, boats, mobile gears, PVC piping, drilling piping, oil conventional cargo and a lot of non breakbulk cargo.
We have the most experimented Port Captains team for African ports who attend personally all loading and unloading operations of the ship assisted by qualified crew giving the best service to our clients.
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Consolidation Service

This service provides the possibility to share a container between different customers. In this way you can obtain very good costs while keeping all the advantages of the global coverage of Container Shipping. It enables the shipment of small amounts of cargo with all the benefits of the biggest cargo shipments.
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