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At IMAGESA, we strongly believe that having trained professionals and talented teams is the “KEY” to deliver professional, efficient, reliable and personalized prompt-end solutions to our valued customers.
Our excellent human capital ensures to deliver a high level of logistic services, supported by constant evaluations implemented by our senior management teams, as well as frequently analyzing customer’s feedback to improve our performance.

To provide a full personalized service, every customer has a designated Key Account Holder, who will assist, follow up, report and provide logistics solutions fit for the customer´s requirements. The Key Account Holder will ensure the cargo is well processed and delivered through the entire shipping cycle until it´s delivered.


AFOMAG, IMAGESA´s Internal Training Program

As the shipping industry is constantly changing, thus IMAGESA took the initiative to implement the first internal training system in Equatorial Guinea (AFOMAG, 2013) which provides sophisticated and advanced training programs to its employees.

These training programs are focused on major areas of the logistics industry; from Loading and discharging operations, to administrative and documentation procedures, as well as ports and shipping lines systems orientation programs, clearance and delivery and many others.

As our commitment is always to deliver the best quality services and this is only possible by having a team of trained professionals ready. It´s because of this commitment that AFOMAG is also available for external attendees who wants to form part of our team. For more information, please send us an e-mail to us.

Our Team in Malabo

Customer Service Department

Alegría Borico

Malabo Customer Department

Mercedes Maye

Malabo Customer Department

Mariola Angel

Malabo Customer Department

Commercial Department

Silvia Sioto

Malabo Commercial Department

Our Team in Bata

Customer Service Department

Commercial Department

Dorotea Elonga

Bata Commercial Department

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